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MB-HDS323 shaft-screener is suitable for 20~35 ton hydraulic excavators.
MB-HDS323 twin-header

MB-HDS323 shaft-screener

MB-HDS323 shaft-screener

MB-HDS323 Dimensions

Width (B) (mm)2330
Height (C) (mm)1250
Lenght (D) (mm)1500
Weight (kg)2400

Hydraulic requirements
MB-HDS323 hydraulic requirements

Only three hoses are necessary to operate the MB-HDS323, IN, OUT and DRAIN.

The reccomanded excavator for the MB-HDS323 should be equipped with hydraulic system with simple effect.

The required flow for the MB-HDS323 is 120~150 l/min at 250 bar. Our tecnichians can verify the right values of flow and pressure available at your excavator with precise instrumentation (flowmeter).

Flow (l/min)120~150
Pressure (bar)250

MB-HDS323 excavator

To operate the MB-HDS323 the excavator must have have hydraulic system with specifications set forth below, and enough lifting capacity and weigth to be stable during loading, processing and unloading phase. The recommended excavator weight is between 20~35 ton.

Please check the user manual of the excavator for the weight and lifting capacity, in case MB Technical Staff is happy to help you in finding out the relevant data for your excavator.

MB has successfully installed and operated the MB-HDS323 on all main excavator's brands.


MB-HDS323 shaft-screener has been succesfully used in several applications and countries.

  • スペアパーツキット
  • カプラー
  • シャフトホルダー
  • 堆肥用ロータリーRCセット
  • 攪拌用ロータリーRMセット
  • ふるい(細分)用ロータリーRE8セット
  • ふるい(細分)用ロータリーRE16セット
  • ふるい(中サイズ)用ロータリーRQ20セット
  • ふるい(中サイズ)用ロータリーRQ50セット


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