MB Shaft Screener

MB Shaft Screeners are attachment for hydraulic excavators, steerskid loaders and operating machines that are used for (XXX)


Extreme compactness and low centre of gravity improves balance and drastically reduces the strain on the excavator arm, eliminating impact vibrations.

High performance

The unique direct drive twin motor system gives optimum efficiencies whilst achieving production rates far exceeding the capabilities of conventional rock grinders.

Hardox in my body

Construction ensures long-lasting durability in extreme conditions.

Hydraulic efficiency

Hydraulic system which requires limited hydraulic flow and pressure and furthermore offers a significant cooling effect, thus extending the life of the excavator.

Low vibration

Ideal for noise and vibration sensitive projects in urban and underground environments. vibrations.


  • Dismantling
  • Pavement
  • Groove opening
  • Quarrying
  • Drilling
  • Foundation work
  • Road construction

MB-HDS series of shaft screeners

Net Weight (Kg.) (1)820140020502400
Excavator (ton) (2)6~1010~1616~2420~35
Width (mm)1380143020502330
Height (mm)950125012501250
Lenght (mm)1125135013501500
Flow (l/min)70~100100~120120~150120~150
Pressure (bar)220230250250
Pressure (MPa)22232525
  • (1): Net weight: weight of only bucket without coupler
  • (2): Suggested weight of operating machine