MB screener

MB-S series of screening buckets (also called trommel) are perfectly suited to sieve wood chips, gravel, concrete, glass and perform optimal material selection. They fit in any work site, and because of their easyness and high productivity, they can reduce also 60% of the time fo selection of material, compared to other attachments in the market. Also MB has developed a system with intelligent intermittance rotation system that can help in the selection of material in case of wet material. The screener bucket performs particularly well in these fields of applications:


  • Dismantling, filling, land reclamation
  • Selection of accumulated gravel in the waterways.
  • Selection and separation in sandy areas, or benches.
  • Easy to operate and economical
  • It is available for any size of excavator, to suit all your needs
  • Reduces the quantity of material to be disposed

MB-S series of screener buckets

The screener bucket that has revolutionized the way of sieving. Conpact, light, quite, reliable, performant. The MB-S series of screener bucket for hydraulic excavators cover all range of excavator sizes, and a huge variety of utilizations in different fields of construction, demolition.

Net Weight (Kg.) (1)41078020003660
Total Weight (Kg.) (2)5769832416tbd
Excavator (ton) (3)4~89~2020~3535~50
Lenght (mm)950170022602840
Width (mm)1220140018402320
Height (mm)1010144018702350
Flow (l/min)4060120160
Pressure (bar)130150200320
  • (1): Net weight: weight of only bucket without coupler
  • (2): Total weight: weight of bucket incl. std. coupler, pins, bushes
  • (3): Suggested weight of operating machine

MB-S series size vs. size of man

The smallest and the biggest screener bucket in the world MB-S series of screener bucket cover all range of excavator size from 4 to more than 50 tons.

Size of MB screener bucket vs. size of man

Size of MB screener bucket vs. size of man