MB Grapple

Specifically designed for selecting and handling demolition materials and conceived according to the highest technological standards for any types of materials in a reliable way, with constance and total safety.

Thanks to the interchangeable claws and the 360° hydraulic rotation it allows you to handle large loads and odd forms.

MB-G series

Grapples for hydraulic excavators from 6 to 30 tons. With MB-G Grapples you can rely on high quality and easy to maintain attachments to move your stuff on the jobsite.

Net Weight (Kg.) (1)60078016002000
Total Weight (Kg.) (2)76597819112321
Excavator (ton) (3)6~1212~1818~2520~25
A (mm)1860186021152475
B (mm)1175117514201645
C (mm)540540590810
D (mm)1380138016401940
E (mm)1000100011851365
F (mm)7407408101110
L (mm)65093012351535
Flow (l/min)25305050
Pressure (bar)300~320300~320320~350320~350
  • (1): Net weight: weight of only bucket without coupler
  • (2): Total weight: weight of bucket incl. std. coupler, pins, bushes
  • (3): Suggested weight of operating machine