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BF150.10 crusher bucket by MB for 75+ hydraulic excavators. Suitable for demolition, road construction, reciclying, land reclamation.
BF150.10 crusher bucket

BF150.10 crusher bucket


BF150.10 crusher bucket has a total dimension of 3560 x 2090 x 2065 mm and weights 10500 Kg without upper plate and coupler. The front aperture of jaw is 1500 x 750 mm, and the output can be regulated by means of shims between 100~200 mm.

The bucket has a loading capacity of 2.0 m3.

BF150.10 バケットクラッシャー

BF150.10 バケットクラッシャー

Lenght (mm)3560
Width (mm)2090
Height (mm)2065
Weight (kg)10500
Aperture width (mm)1500
Aperture height (mm)750
Loading capacity (㎥)2.0

Hydraulic requirements
BF150.10 hydraulic requirements

Only three hoses are necessary to operate the BF150.10, IN, OUT and DRAIN.

Under specific conditions the bucket can be adapted to work also only with two hoses, without drainage. In this case the excavator maximum back-pressure at any time in the system must be lower than 10 bar.

The reccomanded excavator for the BF150.10 should be equipped with hydraulic system with simple effect.

The required flow for the BF150.10 is 380 l/min at 230 bar. Our tecnichians can verify the right values of flow and pressure available at your excavator with precise instrumentation (flowmeter).

Flow (l/min)380
Pressure (bar)230

BF150.10 BF150.10 production capacity

BF150.10 バケットクラッシャー

The BF150.10 can reduce concrete, natural stones, bricks, glass etc., to a size between 100~200 mm.

It can produce up to ㎥/h which means about ton/h if we consider concrete with an average specific weight of 1.5 ton/㎥.

The real throughtput can vary depending on the input and output size of material, its humidity, the presence of soil, etc.

The best way to obtain a high throughtput (production per hour) and a low wear of parts and jaws is to sieve the material before size reduction process. In fact, demolition material contains a lot of sand, soil and dust, that doesn't need to be reduced.

Please refer to our Screener line-up for this scope.

Max production (m3/h)
Max production (ton/h)

BF150.10 excavator

To operate the BF150.10 the excavator must have have hydraulic system with specifications set forth below, and enough lifting capacity and weigth to be stable during loading, processing and unloading phase. The recommended excavator weight is between 75+ ton.

Please check the user manual of the excavator for the weight and lifting capacity, in case MB Technical Staff is happy to help you in finding out the relevant data for your excavator.

MB has successfully installed and operated the BF150.10 on all main excavator's brands.


BF150.10 crusher bucket has been succesfully used in applications for demolition works, road construction, recycling, excavations, mines.


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