MB bucket crusher

The bucket crusher invented and produced by MB is a new type of attachment for hydraulic excavators, backhoe, wheel- and skid-loader.

It is ideal for reducing the size of concrete and natural stones.

Fields of applications are general construction site, demolition, redevelopment of industrial and urban areas, treatment of drilling waste, road construction sites, quarries, and mines.


  • It can crush different hardness of concrete and stones
  • Reduced transport costs, you can crash directly on site
  • Very quite and low-noisy compared to other demolition equipment
  • Easy to operate and economical
  • It is available for any size of excavator, to suit all your needs
  • Reduces the quantity of material to be disposed
  • Reduces the costs or renting equipment

Type of bucket crushers

MB produces two type of crushers to better fit the type of excavator and the type of job.

MB crushers cover all range of operating machines from 4 ton and up.

To achieve this wide range of offer, MB has developed a line of bucket crushers for hydraulic excavators, and a line of bucket crushers for other hydraulic operating machines, such as backhoes and skidloaders.

Below you can find comparative charts of both bucket crusher series, and additional information can be found looking at the specific pages of crushers.

The traditional patented bucket crusher of MB for hydraulic excavators includes the buckets models MB-C50, BF60.1, BF70.2, BF80.3, BF90.3, BF120.4, BF135.8 and BF150.10

In addition, a new line of products for skidloaders, backhoe and small excavator has been introduced, which includes the crushers MB-L120, MB-L140, MB-L160 and MB-L200.

BF series

Bucket crushers for hydraulic excavators from 4 to more than 70 tons.

MB buckets crushers are the popular bucket crushers in the world for reducing size of material and re-use the material on site. You can find them in any corner of the world, when you need a reliable and effective solution for your job.

  MB-C50 S2 BF60.1 S4 BF70.2 S4 BF80.3 S4 BF90.3 S4 BF120.4 S4 BF135.8 BF150.10
  MB-C50 S2 BF60.1 S4 BF70.2 S4 BF80.3 S4 BF90.3 S4 BF120.4 S4 BF135.8 BF150.10
Net Weight (Kg.) (1) 750 1650 2250 3000 3500 4800 7500 10500
Total Weight (Kg.) (2) 838 1825 2532 3405 3900 5216 tbd tbd
Excavator (ton) (3) 4~10 10~18 16~24 22~28 28~34 34~45 45+ 75+
Lenght (mm) 1240 1745 2000 1970 2185 2150 2930 3560
Width (mm) 1000 1000 1150 1330 1340 1620 1880 2090
Height (mm) 770 1100 1195 1325 1390 1390 1700 2065
Aperture width (mm) 600 600 750 900 910 1195 1300 1500
Aperture height (mm) 250 438 504 450 540 540 600 750
Flow (l/min) 90 120 150 150 180 180 320 380
Pressure (bar) 200 230 230 215 230 230 250 230
Loading capacity (m3) 0.13 0.45 0.65 0.7 0.85 1.05 1.6 2.0
Max production (㎥/h) ~ 10 ~ 19 ~ 30 ~ 34 ~ 40 ~ 50 ~ 75 ~
  • (1): Net weight: weight of only bucket without coupler
  • (2): Total weight: weight of bucket incl. std. coupler, pins, bushes
  • (3): Suggested weight of operating machine

MB crusher size vs. size of a man

Size of bucket crusher vs. size of man

Size of bucket crusher vs. size of man

Comparative table of production

How much can you produce with MB buckets?

Depending on the type of material, the humidity, the size of input and regulation of the output, our buckets achieve high performances.

The value in the table are calculated on average hard mix demolition concrete, the rows represent the regulation of the output size, the columns the buckets.

MB BF and MB-L series bucket crushers comparative table of production.

MB BF and MB-L series bucket crushers comparative table of production.